The component Public Private Dialogue has these following objectives:

  1. Facilitate Public-Private Dialogue that will improve demand-supply labor exchange on local level 
  2. Support and establishment of Local Economic and Social Councils (LESCs) and their capacity building, in partner-municipalities 
  3. Coordination and adjustment of activities regarding social dialogue and their realization by the Municipalities, Organization of Employers of Macedonia (OEM), Federation of trade unions of Macedonia (FTM) and Confederation of free trade unions (CFT), Employment Service Agency of R. Macedonia (ESA), Chamber of commerce and Chamber of artisans, educational institutions, youth association, civic society organizations and other professional associations
  4. Capacity building of NGOs and organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) regarding better youth employability skills. 


Local Economic and Social Councils (LESCs) are consultative and advisory bodies which: consider questions, give opinions, suggestions and recommendations to the Municipal Council for issues from the economic and social sphere, especially for issues regarding youth employment. 

The aim of the Local Economic and Social Councils (LESCs)is to promote the meaning of the social dialogue on local level, especially in building mutual trust between local authorities and social partners for the purpose of realization of mutual goals in economic and social development of the local community. Economic and social councils on local level are formed as part of the local self-governance for the purpose of establishment and development of tripartite dialogue. 

LESCs are being formed as advisory and consultative bodies of the Municipalities to establish democratic and social dialogue for the purpose to achieve permanent and stabile social peace and active inclusion of all social partners in the decision making process for most important issues with economic and social meaning for the local community. One of the primary roles of LESC is the strengthening of essential connections between the labor market needs, which are being defined by the business sector, and skills which are developed among youth through the education system. 

The LESC’s programs with activities should be synchronized with the real conditions and circumstances as well with the needs and interest of the local community.

Frequently asked questions about LESCs(.pdf)

Posibilities for funding and technical support in R. Macedonia(.pdf)

The possibilities  for financing of the local self-governance unites in R. Macedonia(.pdf)

Collaboration with nongovernmental organizations and organizations of persons with disabilities is established to reach unemployed and unregistered in ESA youth with finished education process, because of the necessity to develop new knowledge and skills which will help youth in employment process. For this purpose NGOs and DPOs are being identified, which representatives are trained for the Work Readiness Skills Curriculum (WRC) program designed by YES Network, and further on thy will be responsible for its delivery to the unemployed youth.  

Accomplishments of the Public Private dialogue component